Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Increased risk due to porous security in Android

"You do not need it, it just takes up memory and drain your batteries" - they are just some of the negative comments about the security applications for Android. But who will protect users from the infected application, which infiltrates the Android system through security holes that have not been patched? That's right: security applications for Android. And as AV-TEST found in the endurance test from July to December 2015, there are applications that offer excellent protection, almost does not affect the performance of the system and will not drain the battery.

Increased risk for porous security on Android
Since the first version of Android, it is a fact that the security flaw also continue to be found in the Google operating system. If the system is somewhat up to date, frequent updates to it from Google. But that still does not mean that mobile device manufacturers, such as Samsung, LG or HTC, it will merge updates and offer to their customers. In most cases, there is no longer any updates to the Android version of the old, and the user is left to fend for themselves. Those who want to test their existing Android version can do so with a free app "for Android VTS" (fromGitHub). Google surprisingly removed the app from the store, citing security issues as the reason. Maybe the tool is also a bit too directly to Google. After all, it identifies all the security loopholes in the existing Android system and corresponding CVEs - Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. While the application protection can not close the gap, it was at least able to intercept and liquidate applications that infiltrate systems via the vulnerability.

25 applications in test of endurance and a lot of high scores
25 applications were evaluated in an endurance test required to detect the infected application, documenting their usefulness and demonstrated their additional features. And not just once but in three consecutive tests for several months.

Testing the most important is the detection of malware-infected applications. This segment is divided into laboratory test measures the actual and reference. For the first segment, each security solution loaded onto Android 5.1.1 smart phone and left in its default configuration. Later, several thousand infected applications installed on each device 25 identical tests simultaneously (hence, real-time), all of which come directly from the internet. Some applications have only been around for several hours. During testing with a set of references, for up to four weeks old malware application is copied to the test device.

The result then appears in all three tests. 4 applications of BitDefender, ESET, Sophos Qihoo 360 and respectively reached 100 percent malware detection rate in the second segment of the test - the test of actual and reference. Application of Avira, Baidu, Kaspersky, Symantec and Trend Micro missed the top score with only one-tenth of a percentage point. Also followed very closely behind the application of AhnLab, Antiy and Data G.

Many security in the background
As mentioned earlier, security applications are often considered as battery drain or put a brake on the system. In order to examine this phenomenon, a laboratory measure CPU and battery load protection provided by the application. In addition, check whether the protective system in the background to move a lot of data, so eat into the monthly data allotment. Under this test item "usability", the laboratory is also important alarm occurs due to a false positive detection applications. To test this, just under 9,000 applications from the Google store, and other reputable sources installed; for each of the 25 security solutions. The result is remarkable: 24 applications receive 5.5 points for their excellent performance or a perfect score of 6 points. Only the application of Ikarus is just 4.7 points, as is often exhibited too high battery load.

Wild range of additional features
In tests, only one additional point awarded for additional features, because they are not relevant security. Moreover, some users find annoying many additional features, while other users welcome them.

The so-called anti-theft function is naturally very helpful. They allow the device to enter and locked away, or you can clear the data on the device. The only applications that do not offer these functions Antiy, Cheetah Mobile (Clean Master), NSHC and Tencent. additional interesting extras, for example, call blocking, filtering messages, the function of safe browsing, parental control, backup or encryption. No application offers a large number of additional features. Instead, there is a diverse mix of features offered. individual products also offers special functions for secure payments on the Internet, a tool for optimization of the system or, for example, to the protection of personal data.

To purchase apps, some additional function is only activated if a license has been purchased. Otherwise, the premium function is closed after a test period. Security functions are naturally not affected by this.

safe partner for Android devices
Each application is able to reach a maximum of 13 points. 7 application of Baidu, Bitdefender, Cheetah Mobile (Clean Master), G Data, Qihoo 360, Symantec and Trend Micro have reached the top score in the endurance test. This was followed by nine additional applications from 12.5 to 12.8 points. Many of the best applications are even free.

The users now have a choice of protection programs they most prefer. In terms of security is the sole criterion, 11 applications with the top scores are available. A total of six can be used free of charge.

The idea that the supervisor for Android puts the burden on the system is completely groundless. Endurance test proves that even applications with the best performance attracted the attention of security work in the background and does not burden the processor or battery. Users who have gone without the use of protection applications based on unfounded preconceptions must immediately do the installation after all. They have enough to choose from.

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